MS vs TE (CTF 3 of 5)

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MS vs TE (CTF 3 of 5) Empty MS vs TE (CTF 3 of 5)

Post by The Toxic Avenger on Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:42 pm

MS was:
- Evo
- John Zombie (as Zom Johnbie)
- Soulreap (as DeathAngel)
- Omegamax (sans first game)

TE was
- Capo
- Dragon
- Zeberpal
- Mere (as Mist) (sans first game)

Shots (Mere's because she has them)
Map20: 5-0 (TE wins)
Map04: 5-2 (TE wins)
Map15: 5-2 (TE wins)

No demo on me, I had to get this info from Mere
[13:10] JohnZombie
[13:10] JohnZombie use demo_skiptonextmap to get rid of pointless stuff like map choosing

Looking at this, their lineup was clearly stacked. At least EL is made up of respectable and high-level players.
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