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Post by Spirit Soldier on Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:46 pm

To keep the projects organized and easy to maintain, I have made new forums for each project.

Please made a separate thread for each map you have. Alternatively, make one thread dedicated to all your maps. In the first and last post, make sure you have up to date versions of the map.

Dark Mirror Map thread

MSX01 - (link to latest version here)
MSX02 - (link to latest version here)

Last post would read
Link to latest version

Keep it clean and organized please!
Spirit Soldier
Spirit Soldier

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Individual project forums Empty Re: Individual project forums

Post by Grymmoire on Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:26 pm

This format should be used for the first post of a thread for any individual map submission. You should have this template (In your first post):

MAP NAME: [Map title]
MAP NUMBER: [Map number, like "map01"]
Progress*: [How close are you to done?]
Description: [Description of your map, what is the purpose, theme, etc. What do you want to achieve with your map?]
Screenshots: [Screenshots, spoilered plz]
Download: [Download link to your map, sendspace, drd team, or another reliable and lasting link is preferable]

Feedback on each map will be given in their respective threads. The mapper should update his map whenever a major change is made (update the download link with your update). Post a changelog of what you did since the last revision of your map as well.

Once the map is done, anyone is free to work on it (if the author allows this) if it needs touching up or fixes. Just post if you plan on making a change, even a tiny one, so that no one else starts working on it at the very same time you decide to do something on it, once you are done, upload your "update" and include a changelog of what you did.


* = Optional

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