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IRC Rank switch-up Empty IRC Rank switch-up

Post by Eric on Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:30 pm

So I basically just made everyone in the clan a halfop on the IRC channel. This means you can somewhat moderate the channel by kicking, banning, and voicing/muting. Now of course there's rules to this shit.

-Kick with a legitimate reason (i. e. not just "for the lulz")
-Don't mute the channel unless there's some serious fuckery going on. (i. e. problems not solved by 1 or 2 bans)
-Don't voice people if someone else banned them/muted the channel. The ops will decide if they are worthy.
-If you abuse your powers (kicking repeatedly without reason or authorization from an op, banning without justification, etc) your hops WILL be removed. I am not tolerating any shit.
-Existing hops (Grave, Infer) have been upgraded to ops. Existing ops have been upgraded to ops with an access level of 299 (most I can do, otherwise they'd be managers)
-Listen to and respect the ops. They're above you for a reason.


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