Sickle Weasels CTF

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Sickle Weasels CTF

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:30 am

NOTE: This project thread was copied directly from another forum with minor edits and additions.

This is a mappack made by moi for the Skulltag CTF game mode. Enough said. Want to help out? Call out a slot and I'll mark your name down. When you're done, just give me your map and I'll have a look at it.

MAP01: Towering Gray - Kamai (89%)
MAP02: Null and Void - Kamai (84%)
MAP03: Metal Thing - Kamai (80-ish%)
MAP04: ? - ? (0%)
MAP05: ? - ? (0%)
MAP06: ? - ? (0%)
MAP07: ? - ? (0%)
MAP08: ? - ? (0%)
MAP09: ? - ? (0%)
MAP10: ? - ? (0%)


Red: This map is going to be removed or replaced.
Green: This map is finished.
Blue: This map is under heavy progress.
Yellow: This map is playable, but unfinished.
Purple: This slot is exclusive.
No color: This slot is open.

  • The map must be in Skulltag format, be it Doom in Hexen or Doom in UDMF.

  • The map must have at least one Super Shotgun.

  • All Skulltag weapons (excluding the BFG10K) are allowed.

  • The flags must be in safe, but reachable distances.

  • MIDIs and MP3s only! (OGG files are fine, too)

  • Maps must have a Player 1 Start, you know, in case people feel like dicking around for no reason.

  • Symmetry, people. Symmetry.

  • Time Freeze Spheres and Invulnerability Spheres are prohibited.

  • Don't make the map too huge, but don't cramp it up either.

  • Detail your maps! I don't want to see a room full of ASHWALL. No one does.

-Other Information-
  • You are allowed to make up to 10 maps.

  • Before submitting your map into the pack, we will test it online first and evaluate it from there, provided someone will put up a server for it(If not, then I will make one).

  • As time passes, I will add more slots depending on how many people want to map.

-To Do List-
New flag sprites

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Re: Sickle Weasels CTF

Post by Thrasher on Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:41 pm

I could make a few textures for this
but I'm horrible at making ctf maps


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Re: Sickle Weasels CTF

Post by Spirit Soldier on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:21 pm

I would help out, but as you might guess, I got a ton on my plate as is. GL with the project!
Spirit Soldier
Spirit Soldier

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Re: Sickle Weasels CTF

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 20, 2010 4:55 am

So far, I've got three maps that are about done. As for who's hosting, Keo is a possible candidate. If anyone wants to help me host, just let me know.


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Re: Sickle Weasels CTF

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