MS vs MB (former LF) (CTF 2 of 3)

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MS vs MB (former LF) (CTF 2 of 3)

Post by The Toxic Avenger on Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:50 pm

MS was:
- John Zombie (as Zom Johnbie)
- Solidsnake (as Shiron)
- Goliath (as Mikoto Kondou)

MB was*:
Game 1:
- Cobalthead (Redshirt)
- Silverspirit (Kirboy)
- Tetsune (Ness)

Game 2:
- Redshirt
- Gayshirt (Kirboy)
- Kimiko (Ness)
*Due to them aliasing hardcore, only Redshirt's identity is confirmed.
EDIT: 12/6/11: Identities confirmed by Kirboy
Map31: 5-3 (MB wins)
Map14: 5-1 (MB wins)

Demo (John Zombie's): ?4hichisyv88b074
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