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[SCRIM] [MS] vs European Legacy EL> Empty [SCRIM] [MS] vs European Legacy EL>

Post by Soul Sucka on Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:36 pm

-- Machine Shop vs European Legacy --
Game: 3v3 Capture the Flag - Doom 2 - Best of 3 games - 5 flags
Wad: idl2010h.wad zctfconvst.wad
When: Wednesday, October 06th

[MS] Team:
Spirit Soldier
Soul Sucka
Joseph Hicks

EL> Team:
Swedish Dude

Match Nº1:
Map: MAP02 (Something Epic II - ODA02)
Outcome: Victory (4-3, [MS] scored overtime)

Match Nº2:
Map: MAP04 (R's...Magical Ice Forts - ZDCTF04)
Outcome: Defeat (4-5)

Match Nº3:
Map: MAP24 (Crawl Space - ZDCTF24)
Outcome: Defeat (0-2)

Outcome: Defeat (1-2)

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