Void Terra Firma (VTF)

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Void Terra Firma (VTF) Empty Void Terra Firma (VTF)

Post by Thrasher on Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:49 pm

VTF is going to be a single player megawad for zdoom (udmf).
no custom monsters
a new pistol and shotgun (will not replace the original ones)
custom textures made by nick baker and cage
maps will support jumping (but not crouching)
minimal scripting (as I want to keep the gameplay simple)

every 5 maps will be one episode
map 1: 90% (tad more detail and testing)
map 2: 5%

screenshots will be here

1 map beta:
sendspace.com zuqvfz

other credits:
Stewboy music for map 1


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