MS vs S (CTF 2 of 3)

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MS vs S (CTF 2 of 3) Empty MS vs S (CTF 2 of 3)

Post by The Toxic Avenger on Fri Sep 09, 2011 4:42 pm

MS was:
- The Toxic Avenger
- Goliath (as Nova.Terra)
- John Zombie (as Zom Johnbie)

S was:
Game 1:
- Dragon (as Zettec)
- Parsee
- Liam (as Liamarisa)

Game 2:
- Knoppix
- Hamish
- Parsee
Map04: 5-0 (S wins)
Map31: 5-0 (S wins)

Demo: ?3mbfa5gurvqn9pp
Yeah, they picked a time when I was going to go into EuroFNF and I was pretty ornery about that, but they also picked a time when we had NO ONE who was skilled in defense, which made this even more bullshit. This doesn't even count as a scrim, seriously. I was doing shitty on top of all of it too.
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