MS vs S (CTF, cut off at 1 game)

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MS vs S (CTF, cut off at 1 game) Empty MS vs S (CTF, cut off at 1 game)

Post by The Toxic Avenger on Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:20 pm
Map31: 5-4 (MS wins)

MS was:
- Solidsnake
- The Toxic Avenger
- Omegamax

S was:
- Hamish
- Mere (as Mist)
- Liam (as Liamarisa)

Demo: ?o26rge583wv33a8
We got one game in, then S' third dropped, and PRO decided with no agreement that we were scrimming them, which didn't actually come to be. Admittedly I derp'd a bit in the demo but, I was pretty annoyed that it came to this.
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