MS vs I (CTF 3 of 5)

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MS vs I (CTF 3 of 5) Empty MS vs I (CTF 3 of 5)

Post by The Toxic Avenger on Sat Aug 27, 2011 6:36 pm

MS was:
- The Toxic Avenger (as Hayaino Daisuki) (first two games)
- Legion (as TheGay)
- Dusk (first and last game)
- John Zombie (as Clown Screamage) (last game)

I was:
- Bluewiz (as Phone)
- Soulreaper (as Doom) (first game)
- Ammar (as Armour) (second game)
- Danzoa (second and final game)
- Annanyo (final game)
Map31: 5-3 (I wins)
Map18: 5-0 (I wins)
Map04: 5-0 (I wins)

Demo: ?wfwbmnr8s2dc9r1
Fuck this shit.
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