MS vs DI (CTF 3 of 5)

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MS vs DI (CTF 3 of 5) Empty MS vs DI (CTF 3 of 5)

Post by The Toxic Avenger on Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:05 pm

MS was:
- The Toxic Avenger (as Ragnarok)
- Evo
- Omegamax

DI was:
- Apple
- Dark-Demon
- Orion (first game)/Frits (subsequent games)

Map04: 5-2 (MS wins)
Excuse the MG guy in the shot, he did not play.
Map31: 5-0 (MS wins)

Map14: 5-1 (MS wins)
I forgot to screenshot that one

Demo: ?zl4x4zqrmovvzjz
The Toxic Avenger
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