I have a box map

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I have a box map

Post by Spirit Soldier on Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:41 am

I have this map I think has the potential to be lighting fast pace as well as tricky pace rather like Judas23. Machine Yard. It features a little inside area with a unique height, several outdoor busted up "generators" and a foundry for cover outside with a lower nuke pit in the corner. The other side of the yard is an area with two heights and some crates ( i will throw other shit up there too, this map is not done).

What I am afraid of is this being considered too box-like. Please judge the layout for now (detailing will come, don't fret).

sendspace.com r32pl8

edit: new link cuz i fucked up the first one

Edit: open it via doom builder because i fucked it up
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