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Post by Spirit Soldier on Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:10 pm

Yea so IRC has some random shit.

1. Don't post pornographic/shock content

We may be guys, but porn can be easily found elsewhere. Shock content is unpleasant and should be avoided.

2. Don't engage in petty arguments unless you have hops or ops

Yea don't

3. Don't be immature/retarded/harass other users

If you have issues, bring them to a hop/op or IRCop. Immaturity may or may not result in us asking you to leave ala AVC

4. No discussion of unreleased/secret material regarding MS mapping

There is another more private channel for this. At risk of ideas being stolen, please PM me for approval to get into said channel.


When you are going to ban someone, you must first provide a warning; then you must ask the person to leave. If they do not comply, kickban. (Unsavoury individuals such as known trolls or hackers are to be immediately kickbanned).

1. What's yea.jpg

An urban legend; don't ask about it, don't talk about it.

2. What's GS?

A MS urban legend; don't ask or talk about it unless it is brought up by an op

3. What's with the intense swearing

Not flaming; it's just silence breakers and/or fun

4. If I have a problem, who do I see?

I'm generally pretty understanding, but I have a short temper, so be wise when picking when to approach me. otherwise see Joseph_Hicks, or Eric

5. Why so much AOW talk in here?

Many of us are heavily involved in AOW. Deal w/ it

6. "that"

Reference to a clan scrim in which we had great confidence of winning due to previous scrims against PRO and got rofl'd and caused a ragequit

7. Hollygrove/kozzy/zapdos/decode

A disgraceful member who ragequitted the clan after scrimming A3, aliased to join A3, ragequit that clan to join [I], aliased several times to get back into our clan

8. [RE]

A fake clan devised for the sole purpose of defeating [MAC] in aow.

9. [MAC]

that annoying aow clan that we hate

10. Fdigl

<Eric>"some random faggot that somehow got in but we don't know how and he's a faggot so we kicked him"

11. Stalin quit and the rebirth

Once upon a time I ragequit doom, caused massive quitage, outrage and MS died, but really I was playing under the alias Spirit Soldier revealed by accident, then Joseph Hicks went and took over MS and it was reborn.

12. To pull a "Grave"

Back in the day, one man Grave_Violator whored the bfg to win his duels (this is no longer the case, hence pull a grave rather than exciter)

To "Josephize" a map" and a "Joseph" map

To make a map ridiculously larger than it previously was, and to make a Joseph map is to make a map ridiculously huge yet still detailed and plays well somehow.
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