MS vs MLK (CTF 2/3, apparently not over yet!)

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MS vs MLK (CTF 2/3, apparently not over yet!)

Post by The Toxic Avenger on Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:06 pm

MS was:
- The Toxic Avenger
- Omegamax
- Dusk
- Kamai (as Hyakulegger) (first game)

MLK was:
- Qent
- Disguise (as Chris)
- SoulReaper
- Melchizedek777 (first game)
Map29: 5-3 (MLK wins)
Map14: 5-3 (MLK wins)

Demo: ?g76hz72l0gq8lz5

A second set of games was planned to be played on Grandvoid, but Soulreper vanished and MLK couldn't get a third. Tentatively this will be finished tomorrow.
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