What I've done thus far and what you need to check out

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What I've done thus far and what you need to check out

Post by Spirit Soldier on Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:57 pm

I'm not touching your maps, these are edits i just need to remember

Embrace - now lit up, redetailing
Shrine - eliminated corpses
3 step - detail changes, bridge removed
Sign of evil - fixed that stupid hom

What should be done
Rise needs to be edited
Brix - Weapon placement and death pit should change to teleport to center and lose half health
Muddy Water - exit
Factory Slime will be prettier
Boiling Point needs some work
New map by Frank needs some work
Late Afternoon - sg --> cgs
The intermusic needs to be quieter apparently
The hub info button only works with 1 player present.

What's being replaced
01 - Replacement complete
02 is getting retextured

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